Human Movement Science Volume 52, Pages 1-222, April 2017

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Human Movement Science 
Volume 52, Pages 1-222, April 2017 
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Page ii Processes of anticipatory postural adjustment and step movement of gait initiation    Original Research Article 
Pages 1-16 
Hiroki Mizusawa, Yasutomo Jono, Yasuyuki Iwata, Atsushi Kinoshita, Koichi Hiraoka Reduced cortical voluntary activation during bilateral knee extension    Original Research Article 
Pages 17-23 
Luc Girompaire, Baptiste Morel, Thomas Lapole Transitions of postural coordination as a function of frequency of the moving support platform    Original Research Article 
Pages 24-35 
Aviroop Dutt-Mazumder, Karl Newell Gender differences in asymmetrical limb support patterns between subjects with and without recurrent low back pain    Original Research Article 
Pages 36-44 
Paul S. Sung, J. Tim Zipple, Pamela Danial Enhanced arm swing alters interlimb coordination during overground walking in individuals with traumatic brain injury    Original Research Article 
Pages 45-54 
Ksenia I. Ustinova, Joseph E. Langenderfer, Nilanthy Balendra Comparison of the trunk-pelvis and lower extremities sagittal plane inter-segmental coordination and variability during walking in persons with and without chronic low back pain    Original Research Article 
Pages 55-66 
Samaneh Ebrahimi, Fahimeh Kamali, Mohsen Razeghi, Seyyed Arash Haghpanah Attentional focusing instructions influence quadriceps activity characteristics but not force production during isokinetic knee extensions    Original Research Article 
Pages 67-73 
David C. Marchant, Matt Greig Athletic background is related to superior trunk proprioceptive ability, postural control, and neuromuscular responses to sudden perturbations    Original Research Article 
Pages 74-83 
Grace O. Glofcheskie, Stephen H.M. Brown Experience level influences the effect of attentional focus on sprint performance    Original Research Article 
Pages 84-95 
Nicklaas C. Winkelman, Kenneth P. Clark, Larry J. Ryan Reconstruction of human swing leg motion with passive biarticular muscle models    Original Research Article 
Pages 96-107 
Maziar Ahmad Sharbafi, Aida Mohammadi Nejad Rashty, Christian Rode, Andre Seyfarth Measuring postural control during mini-squat posture in men with early knee osteoarthritis    Original Research Article 
Pages 108-116 
M. Petrella, K. Gramani-Say, P.R.M.S. Serrão, G.C. Lessi, J.A. Barela, R.P. Carvalho, S.M. Mattiello Towards an ecologically grounded functional practice in rehabilitation    Original Research Article 
Pages 117-132 
Daniela Virgínia Vaz, Paula Lanna Silva, Marisa Cotta Mancini, Claudia Carello, Jeffrey Kinsella-Shaw Older adults exhibit altered motor coordination during an upper limb object transport task requiring a lateral change in support    Original Research Article 
Pages 133-142 
Andrew H. Huntley, John L. Zettel, Lori Ann Vallis The effect of variable rest intervals and chronic ankle instability on triplanar ankle motion during performance of the Star Excursion Balance Test    Original Research Article 
Pages 143-150 
Yong Ung Kwon, D.S. Blaise Williams Central neuronal motor behaviour in skilled and less skilled novices – Approaching sports-specific movement techniques    Original Research Article 
Pages 151-159 
Tobias Vogt, Kouki Kato, Stefan Schneider, Stefan Türk, Kazuyuki Kanosue Concussion is associated with altered preparatory postural adjustments during gait initiation    Original Research Article 
Pages 160-169 
Cailbhe Doherty, Liang Zhao, John Ryan, Yusuke Komaba, Akihiro Inomata, Brian Caulfield Motor skills in kindergarten: Internal structure, cognitive correlates and relationships to background variables   Original Research Article 
Pages 170-180 
Nicole Oberer, Venera Gashaj, Claudia M. Roebers Differences in the activation and co-activation ratios of the four subdivisions of trapezius between genders following a computer typing task    Original Research Article 
Pages 181-190 
Kimberly A. Szucs, Megan Molnar Exploring phase dependent functional gait variability    Original Research Article 
Pages 191-196 
Daniel Hamacher, Dennis Hamacher, Roy Müller, Lutz Schega, Astrid Zech A prospective comparison of lower extremity kinematics and kinetics between injured and non-injured collegiate cross country runners    Original Research Article 
Pages 197-202 
Robert I. Dudley, Derek N. Pamukoff, Scott K. Lynn, Robert D. Kersey, Guillermo J. Noffal Lower limb mechanical asymmetry during repeated treadmill sprints    Original Research Article 
Pages 203-214 
Olivier Girard, Franck Brocherie, Jean-Benoit Morin, Grégoire P. Millet The role of cognition for different stages of visuomotor adaptation in younger and older adults    Original Research Article 
Pages 215-222 
Anja Simon, Otmar Bock 


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