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BARTOLD BIOMECHANICS SEMINAR: Athletic Footwear - The Masterclass

Permanente Vorming
FBP present

The Federation of Belgian Podiatrists is very pleased to announce the premiere of the brand new Bartold Biomechanics Seminar in Ghent on the 13th of October 2017.

Registration at 8.30 am, start of the seminar at 9 am SHARP! 

If you are into footwear you will NOT want to miss this!!

  • Are you confident you are up to date with all the latest research on athletic footwear?
  • Are you sure the recommendations you make to your patients are accurate and evidence-based?
  • Do you know how to quickly and accurately test athletic footwear to get a solid handle on how that shoe will perform?
  • Is one brand REALLY better than another, and is cost a guideline?
  • Do you understand how different shoes perform for different sports? Running vs football vs tennis vs basketball?
  • Do you understand the cross sport trends?
  • Do you know how to meaningfully interpret what you see during a gait analysis and apply it to a footwear recommendation?
  • Do you understand the development process, how a shoe goes from concept to productions, and the steps involved
  • Do you understand how companies "develop a line (range)" of footwear that offers continuity?
  • Do you know what the future holds in relation to 3D printing, robotics and other fast accelerating technology?
  • Maybe most importantly, do you have a desire to become more involved in the footwear industry, maybe even as a career or consultancy?

If you do not have answers to all questions above, I have over 30 years experience in the footwear industry at just about every level from research to development, design, marketing and industrialisation.
I have seen a lot come, and even more go, and I plan to give you ALL the insider tips to take your understanding of athletic footwear, and your practice to a much, much higher level.

Go to Bartold Biomechanics events for more information about the course or email directly at

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